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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Deep Bass of Conscience

This weekend I went to a Halloween rave, and lawwwd the kids there were young. While I still love the festival and rave scene and don't plan to retire from it any time soon, I've entered into an era of cognitive dissonance that I'll just have to live with until the time comes. Why do they allow 18-20 year olds to buy tickets for something that is widely known to house more dangerous drugs than any other type of recreational event? My comrades and I, ages 29, 31 and 34, made particular note of how the venue charged $5 for water bottlespatrons weren't allowed to refill the bottles in the bathroom, and no free water cups were given. The 31 year old said, "They'll learn when one of these kids collapses on the dance floor from dehydration and they have a lawsuit on their hands".

Raves are a parallel example of the type of dissonance that occurs for me with regard to rap and hip hop. I still love it, I was overjoyed to hear a little mixed in with the dubstep this past Saturday, but these lyrics...Jesus Christ. I am so tired of the way some rappers continue to speak about women. It's disgusting, and I hope that parents are sending stronger messages to lessen the force of what's being played on the radio.

Chances are she was acting up and I fucked her once, never fuck her again.
She can have a grammy, I still treat her ass like a nominee,
She’s leaving on with that pussy like so one time is fine with me.

-Drake, No Lie-

Y'all been together ten years, you deserve a menage 
Specially if you put that BMW in the garage
Specially if you paid a couple payments on her mame crib
Went to her neice's graduation, man, I hate those kids
-Kanye West, Birthday Song-

If she don't wanna fuck I get on my skateboard and I skate past her.
-Lil Wayne, Burn-
She say why you asking questions I say bitch you trynna be funny
Now take your fucking clothes off and let me see your donky kong...
I swear I saw my ho, I swear she waas with my ho
You know I fuck them both, sore pussy and sore throat
-Lil Wayne, No Worries-

Lil Wayne, in particular, focuses on fornication SO much in his songs. It's starting to get obnoxious and is detracting from his albums' entertainment value. Something that I believe solidly validates my disdain is the fact that a majority of nasty mouthed hip hop artists, Lil Wayne and Drake included, have young children (daughters for the aforementioned).

So that's all I'm saying hip hop. I'll still listen to you in my car for 85% of my driving time, but you're disappointing me. Then again, I rarely ever buy music and when I do it's to try out some indie artist I can't hear on the radio, so my opinion doesn't matter. As long as THIRD graders continue to gain such access to rap albums that they know every word to profanity laden Tha Carter IV, you'll be sitting pretty. No lie.

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