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Monday, February 24, 2014

I wanna talk about horror movies *kicks the dirt*

Cool, I came here on an emotional whim and it has been a year and one day since I wrote my last entry.

I just spent two hours laboring over reading two emails and writing a response I won't send. Trapped in that vortex for two hours. I don't want him, ultimately. I know that. But he's a strong, intelligent written communicator and we enjoy geeking out on some of the same things. The allure of intellectual intimacy! I'm hooked onto some aspect of our connection that doesn't represent him as a whole, so I won't risk leading this man on just to relieve some temporary longing-anxiety. I shall not!

They say they're fine and that they can be friends right after the topic of romance was broached...but with all due respect, they're stupid. Or lying to me and/or themselves. So OK, the onus is on me to put up the boundary since you haven't been able to. Certainly not my favorite position to be in, but I'm trying to be realistic about how difficult that should be. Suck it up, Kelli. 

Or a more effective approach - meditate. Let the feeling go, whatever it is about it you crave clinging to. 

Jim Gaffigan is commenting on how discouraging it is to see how few calories you burn while on a treadmill. True.

The end.